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Adopt a paulownia and join the international fight against global warming! one of the best natural technology! Sequesters 10x more CO2 than other trees, and produces 10x more oxygen! The Jardins Mon Plaisir association can send them to you for free whatever your country! Trading the BSC CAPSULE token allows the association to finance the sending of Paulownia roots. Our agroforestry project aims to cultivate on a small area Paulownias, fruit trees and vegetables in order to generate diversified sources of income for local farmers. We also offer a capsule that contains Paulownia roots and vegetable seeds, so that our partners can start growing immediately and sell their products to our association members on site and online. Furnitures and Paulownia wood products

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16 Jun 2023
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14:07:54 02 Jul, 2023

In few days WE are going to burn 🔥3billions 💊CAPSULE !!! Buy now ! From beginning it will be 49% burned ! Total supply 21 billions, 10 billions burned🔥