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You can grab some free continental on the Earnerschannel Faucet! Withdraw to your web balance to when you reach the required amount, or withdraw to your metamask instantly!

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Continental Tokens (CONTINENTAL)[p][/p] [ul] Explorer [/ul] [ul] Adress: 0x8D71f14aF3c689f60d554E51e1bf3015281B0B29 [/ul] [ul] Minted: 10,000,000.000000000000 [/ul] [ul] Initial Release: 5,000,000 in locked storage, release continues on [/ul] [ul] Release Period: 50 Years [/ul] [ul] Project Lead: PRSS [/ul] [ul] Deployment: Thanks to the community. [/ul] [ul] (Most) Website Coding: MineMintTeam [/ul]

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