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EarnersChannelDonateToken is made for donation of https://earnerschannel.pl which is a faucet that send token at 0.0003 Per 30 mins. Donations will be used to pay for hosting and domain of the website .Thanks !

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Still want popular token like 1000x?

[p]Collect on our faucet to get 1000x.And yes we payout instantly! not unless there is problem with blockchain lol.[/p]

How to know if we pay?

[h1][p]Status page[/p][/h1] [p]We have our status page displaying our latest payout and their transaction hash.You can visit this @ Status Page[/p] [p]Transaction hash is the output of every transaction .This means it cant be tampered .Also transaction hash contains information that are used in a transaction like the address of reciever and sender ,also the contract of the token We sent.the amount of token sent.[/p] [p]So no worries ! As long as we have coins we can still pay you out :)[/p]

Claim tokens now!

Earnerschannel offer tokens that are listed here in Mintme.Com so what are you waiting for ?

earnerschannel.pl is back

Hi we are back and ready for you to claim more tokens! Just easy right ?


[p]Hi @everyone Smalle update: UPDATE INCLUDES -Transfer of token into @Mintme Bot -Removal of 1 Token payout -Update of current supply of tokens we are holding -Removal of logs for new format of logs With this we will put the website into maintenance mode. Thank you for understanding... [/p]

PRSS and Continental is officially listed!

[p]Hi guys another update we had today! We added PRSS and Continental to the faucet ! Visit the page at this links:[/p] [ul] [h4]Continental[/h4] [/ul] [ul] [/ul] [ul] https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=Continental [/ul] [ul] [h4]PRSS[/h4] [/ul] [ul] [/ul] [ul] https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=PRSS [/ul]

Check our faucet status!

hi ! everyone status page is up! will put more data into it though all of the data that in display will be wipe like claims and payout transaction cause I am planning on switching API due to mintme.com exchange API hard to track the transactions. Though have fun claiming and day!. Visit the status page:https://earnerschannel.pl/status.php

Token claim amount update!

[h2]New small update with token price![/h2] [ul] [/ul] [ul] All token that has price below 1 will have claim of 0.5 Token every 30 [/ul] mins! [ul] All token that price is higher than 1 will have 0.0025 claim every 30mins [/ul] [p] If you are token owner that is listed in our faucet and want to have custom claim ,You can dm me .[/p]

Faucet update!

I would update faucet claims [h5]Working on: All token that has below 1 Mintme value will be .5 Token per claim. All of token that is above 1Mintme will be at 0.0025 Token per claim[/h5] If you're token is in the faucet and do not want to be included with this update .Please notify me . Thanks and have a good day!

PRSS and Continental will be in faucet!

[h3]New token will be added soon ![/h3] [p]I would like to PRSS and Continental For allowing their token be in our faucet! Check their trading page[ul] PRSS [/ul] [ul] Continental [/ul] [/p] [p]This token will be added soon! Stay tune with our post or join our discord for more updates .[/p]

Token dont display in your mintme account after claim?

[p]There are several reason why this happens . One if token dont exist on your wallet. To make it appear you should buy atleast 1 token from the token trade page of the token you are claiming . This way it will be recognized by your wallet.Second reason might be you are using your mintme wallet instead your account token address. There are 2 wallet address you can use in mintme website to deposit token and mintme . First is the mintme wallet address .You deposit mintme in that address and second is the token address.token address is what we need to send you token that you claimed.[/p] [p]If you want to see your tokens after you claim you can use external wallet like metamask or mintme web wallet to store this token until it can reach to mintme minimium of 1 token deposit amount[/p] [h2]Happy claiming...[/h2]

We are still paying out !

[img] https://earnerschannel.pl/Payout_ScreenShot/PayoutScreenshot.PNG [/img] [p]Payout is still running in our faucet so what are you waiting for? Claim now![/p]

Collect Prunity to buy stuff in their Prunity Bot

[p]PruneBot is a free Discord Bot and open source solution to your server and user managing problems, built from scratch with code organization and quality in mind. Our goal is to cover as many functionalities as possible. This bot is really for big community who want to wipe out users that has no role or users with a specific role. This can be also used at business discord server that I have. I’ve decided to develop this bot because of that, I always wipe out unverified users and users without role to my server every 48 hours.[/p] [p]Collect Prunity Token to buy some nft using their bot just visit our Prunity Token Faucet[/p]

Lets welcome Prunity in our faucet!

Prunity is up in our faucet! With 0.0025 claim .Instant payout is also available ! Visit @ https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=Prunity or Visit their trading page [p] Notice When claiming make sure to use external wallet. You should makes sure to deposit an amount of atleast 1 Token so that your token wont get stuck and be viewed in your wallet . If you have the token already you can use this market wallet.[/p]

Get your token listed in our faucet!

[h1]Get your token listed in our faucet! How? Just dm me in discord ejayz#2275 or here at mintme.com[/h1] [p]I reply mostly fast in discord :)[/p]

Mintme Withdrawal is disabled!

Due to mintme.com market withdrawal being disabled our faucet might not work as it uses mintme.com market withdrawal too I am still asking if this affect api withdrawal and waiting for answer. Sorry for this inconvenience and you may come back if withdrawal are back to normal.

Want to start trading?

Want to start trading coins ? Visit our faucet https://earnerschannel.pl and get token every 30 mins! Easy and fast . What are you waiting for?

Get your token listed at our faucet!

Contact us here if you want to list your token into our faucet

ClayCoin is on our faucet!

[p]ClayCoin is up in our faucet! With 0.0005 claim .Instant payout is also available ! Visit @ https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=ClayCoin or Visit their trade page https://www.mintme.com/token/ClayCoin/trade[/p] [p] [h2]Notice[/h2] When claiming make sure to use external wallet. You should makes sure to deposit an amount of atleast 1 Token so that your token wont get stuck and be viewed in your wallet . If you have the token already you can use this market wallet.[/p]

What is a crypto faucet ?

[p]According to coinmarketcap "A crypto faucet is an app or a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks. They’re given the name “faucets'' because the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. [/p] [p] Giving the fact that faucet do not give you that much crypto It is one way of atleast accumulating small amount of it while you can as crypto like XatteR and other utility crypto will be used in some application or used to purchase service from its owner. [/p] [p]Read morehere[/p] [p]Earnerschannel.pl our faucet[/p] [p]Youtube[/p] [p]Twitter[/p]

XatteR as ingame currency in Ancient Beast

Claim XatteR in our faucet! [p]With XatteR listing their token into our faucet with 666 supply now you can claim and get some XatteR to be used in game Ancient Beast when its future release. With this you can visit our faucet @ Earnerschannel[/p] [p]If you have question ... You can join to our Discord server by clicking the Discord logo at the top or commenting or messaging me here . [/p] [p]Trade our token here...[/p] [p] [h4]Notice[/h4] When claiming make sure to use external wallet. You should makes sure to deposit an amount of atleast 1 Token so that your token wont get stuck and be viewed in your wallet . If you have the token already you can use this market wallet. [/p]

10 Tokens,claim increase to 0.0025 Token! Check out our faucet

[h4]10 Tokens was increased their claim amount![/h4] [p]10 Token claim amount is increased to 0.0025:[/p] [ul] 1000x [/ul] [ul] EUBI [/ul] [ul] SHIBBOLLETH [/ul] [ul] [/ul] [ul] CANADIAN TOKEN [/ul] [ul] TIKTOK COINS [/ul] [ul] EUTOKEN [/ul] [ul] SATOSHI [/ul] [ul] CORONA COIN EXTRA [/ul] [ul] SMILE [/ul] [ul] BOSSTOKEN [/ul] [p]Other token will remain the same claim payout ...[/p] [p]Visit us @ https://earnerschannel.pl[/p] [p]Donate by trading here...[/p] [p]Want to get your token listed? Contact me on Discord Server[/p] [p] Notice:When claiming make sure to use external wallet.You should makes sure to deposit an amount of atleast 1 Token so that your token wont get stuck and be viewed in your wallet .If you have the token already you can use this market wallet.[/p]

Help us in hosting!

Help us in maintaining website hosting by trading in our token or sending mintme in this address 0x37c9747ec79738bcc4cb5d67ed5c5fff00f4c6c9 (Dont send token in this address cause it is a mintme only address). For token please dm me in mintme.com thanks!

Mintme Token Faucet still paying out!

[p]Mintme token payout still rolling out ! Claim at our faucet https://earnerschannel.pl[/p]

Number of Payout and Claim increase!

We got our 1000th claim today and 224th payout sent! what are you waiting for? Visit earnerschannel.pl and claim tokens like xatter ,1000x, Eubi and many more !

Join our Discord and get support ,updates and chat to other user!

EarnersChannel Discord Server

Claim free token in our faucet ! Check out this post!

Claim 0.0003 token that is listed into our faucet .Use web wallet for instant payout or wait 1 token payout for mintme account not unless you have avaulable token now . Visit @ https://earnerschannel.pl

bosstoken was added to the faucet! Claim 0.0003 bosstoken now !

Another token is listed.bosstoken was listed today ! Claim 0.0003 bosstoken every 30 mins ! Visit https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=bosstoken .Thanks and happy claiming

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