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Considering that it is not possible to obtain any value by directly holding MINTME, I have a proposal. From now on I will sell Indicator exclusively for the purchase of specific NFT's that generate rewards by staking them. The profits (90%) will be distributed periodically and in proportion to the size of each participation. The NFTs to be purchased are not mine, they belong to the HatchyPocket project of the Avalanche blockchain. The decision responds to a careful study of various options. HatchyPocket's NFTs have a secondary market resale value of 1/3 of the cost of mining even though all NFTs have the same ability to generate rewards. In addition, the fact that they are in Avalanche will allow me to make transfers to the beneficiaries by paying extremely cheap fees.

Created on:
26 Sep 2020
Active orders:
841 094.0000
Release period:
20 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
2 542 851.4462
Wallet on exchange:
380 523.9607
30 000.0000
Sold on the market:
1 847 768.7016
Not yet released:
7 457 148.5537
Direct buy volume:
662 918
Latest News
19:03:18 25 Mar, 2022

Hello everyone. The idea of ​​NFT's in Avalanche was discarded because the HatchyPocket project has not generated its staking program after months of being announced and mainly due to lack of interest. However for some reason I am seeing current buy orders for Indicator, probably motivated by the need to speculate. That is why in three days from today I will be selling a good amount of Indicator. My recommendation is that you do not buy because there is no project under the token, but if you like to speculate, it is your decision.

05:06:47 08 Jun, 2021

As a first step to add value to Indicator I have decided to create a database that is intended to be sold to other users. The idea is to sell it to those who want to do a direct airdrop of their tokens without filters. All profits will go to Indicator holders.

15:05:04 20 May, 2021

Now prices of MINTME will slowly adjust to BTC and ETH recovery