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This is a utility token This is NOT a digital asset with any promise of value or investment. This token can be used for P2P transactions or verifications. This token will be expanded into the crypto world. The main distribution methods will be via airdrops, mining, and incremental payouts garnered with ad revenue. Future usages will include games, stores, unlocking content, trading and more. MMXMR will be the token that powers OD Network. Quick background The name was destined to be MintMeXMR, but did not want to appear fake affiliation with MintMe itself. MintmyXMR was considered but finally settled MintMo like US slang Mo' of something. This was created because the 100 years it will take to withdraw from mining XMR that a complete project would be made for itself. Foward Mining the native network was more logical and profitable to user as well as beneficial to the Mintme Network, which this token runs on. Although bridging to XMR in future is not entirely out of the question, upon working out technical and financial implications this would mean to users must be scrutinized.

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08 Oct 2020
Release period:
50 year(s)
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587 100.5027
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9 412 899.4972
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287 902.8318
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-2 627.4195
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