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This is a utility token This is NOT a digital asset with any promise of value or investment. This token can be used for P2P transactions or verifications. Deflationary goal will have been achieved as USD dies. There is nothing happening at this time, will be updated posts if needed.

Created on:
08 Oct 2020
Active orders:
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
721 851.1790
Wallet on exchange:
287 902.8318
Sold on the market:
-2 457.4633
Not yet released:
9 278 148.8209
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Latest News
01:11:54 24 Nov, 2023

In the realm of digital tokens, MMXMR stands out as a beacon of utility rather than an investment vehicle. Created within the MintMe network, its primary focus lies in facilitating transactions and services rather than being viewed as financial advice or an investment avenue. However, its value for users earning the token lies in its liquidity and the avenues it opens for practical use. The significance of liquidity cannot be overstated, especially for users actively engaging with MMXMR. Its integration into the token shop has already initiated the utilization of its utility, hinting at exciting surprises lined up for 2024. Yet, what makes this progression even more promising is the upcoming addition of a new pairing: BNB. Currently paired with MintMe and USDC, the forthcoming pairing with BNB holds substantial implications for MMXMR's future usage and functionality. This sell set will be only available until funding is raised...after which the MMXMR/BNB pairing rate will be big #odn

03:11:17 07 Nov, 2023

01:08:39 31 Aug, 2023

This is backed by OD Network and known legit token developer known as WestnileOD. True value and purpose this token is going to be live very soon will be launched!