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06:08:01 19 Aug, 2021

Theres no excuse why our coin drop in the price. So we got people selling low? Remember i got the majority of my coin. I control whos buying it. Mintme coins are not worth 1 usd or more.

The project is being used for Mintme Community and different projects are being added to wallets we distribute. We are using the project for partnerships for different projects on Mintme.com. The main purpose is to support Mintme development. Project Front Page- https://www.pittsburghdigitalfirm.com Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC is Located in Pittsburgh , Pa. QRcode Project Social coin on Mintme ( Not Deployed) Liqudity staked on Sell orders https://www.mintme.com/token/QRcode https://www.mintme.com/token/QRcode/MINTME/trade Renegade Project Online Store for Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC https://www.mintme.com/token/Renegade https://www.mintme.com/token/Renegade/MINTME/trade

Created on:
11 Jul 2021
Active orders:
117 825.0000
Release period:
5 year(s)
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Already released:
7 598 948.4172
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4 121 681.4539
Sold on the market:
1 547 522.4598
Not yet released:
2 401 051.5827
Direct buy volume:
23 737
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03:10:51 02 Oct, 2023

Focus on legal and company operations. Company will be working on R&D. Utiity Format Business to Business Company to community

18:09:58 27 Sep, 2023

We will trade your project daily. We need funds to operate to do this. Most projects dont trade everyday like Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC. We built this trust over time. #pittfirm

16:09:04 26 Sep, 2023

Downtown will be where our headquarters is located. We are selling products with a peddlers license from the city.

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