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Becoming a self reliable artist using crypto

Jun 24, 2020

   Being an artist: musician, painter, actor, a dancer was considered one of the better paid and most admired of disciplines still in the last centuries. The society was different, more into the sensitive side of things, more spiritual even. So they profoundly care about people developing their artistic side, and this side was pursued just as much as the sciences and mathematic intelligence. For the same reason, we got to know musicians has admired as Johann Sebastian Bach, and painters like Claude Monet, or writers like Miguel de Cervantes, and many others who dedicated their entire lives to bring some light to the existence of men.

Now, after the rationalism and the postmodern era, we broke through once again, wondering if the intrinsic value of a human being is really that important. In this situation, we artists, stand, most of the time falling unsupported and unvalued by the society, which is why I’d like to talk this time about self-reliance, hoping that this article will not only help you increase the compassion, patience, and kindness that you show to yourself but will also give you the tools to help your clients, students, employees or family to show compassion and develop the confidence to rely on themselves but this time, through the use of crypto tokens and blockchain technology.

Should the arts be encouraged?

   The art, including all forms of human expression, such as poetry, composition, dance, films, design, music, painting, sculpting and more, the creativity which you use to program a game, a website or create content for the social media. All of those aspects are, with no doubt, one of the principal pillars of the well being of humans in general. Without it, people would find themselves lost, and even consumed by the extreme pressure that they cannot release through such expressions of beauty and wonder.

But it seems that despite it being something extremely important, those who practice art as a form of living have it harder every time to survive. Why? Some people seem to encourage them only because they find entertainment in art but don’t understand the effort and the time it took to develop, they also don’t understand how valuable art is. Then all artist independently on the path they choose need to find ways to keep themselves afloat to continue not only developing new forms of art but also earning a fair profit for it.


"Creating your own currency, like creating tokens could become what makes you different from somebody else, helping you develop self-reliance"


Self reliability

   Being self-reliant literally means having confidence in and exercising one's own powers of judgment, efforts, and abilities. Of course, when we talk about being self-reliable we imply self-worth, self-expression, self-knowledge, resilience, and self-acceptance but we also imply learning about mutual support and mutual cooperation, since being self-reliable doesn’t necessarily mean that is about doing everything yourself. It’s not only about being financially independent, and it is not about working through hardship all alone. Having self reliability is having the capacity to believe in yourself and what you can do, putting it to practice at the same time that you can count on the support of others and give support as well.

How can crypto help me 

   When someone trusts their own instinct because they believe in their abilities they also have the capacity and feel confident enough to think and develop their own ideas fully. Someone that does not hide behind what he has learned from society, or significant others within society. He knows how to think on his own. This is the power behind crypto, whenever we recall (at least I do) I wish I had invested in crypto much earlier in life because now I see how powerful this has become and I can see more clearly how Blockchain technology will develop in the future even more.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the mottoes of the people that want to be strong on their own capacity, is the flag of the people that choose the kind of person that they want to be and when they believe in something, and consider that it holds merit after thinking it through, nothing holds them back from voicing it with confidence. Because, well, not to do so, means that they have become conformists.

Creating your own currency, like creating tokens could become precisely what makes you different from somebody else, helping you develop self-reliance which is important for several reasons:


  • You aren’t dependent: Using crypto tokens you can develop your own game, and be the owner and the one who sets your own future.
  • You can make your own choices: Nobody has to choose for you, what you want or what the purpose of your business is. Many artists experience great pressures by agencies and even fans, sometimes asking for more than they are willing to pay.
  • It can make you happier: If you make your own choices and issue your own coin for your payments, and if you don’t depend on others that could be taking advantage of you or your talents this could be a great deal of happiness to any artist.
  • You can have direction and perspective: tokenization is meant to help you develop yourself the way you want, allowing you to redirect your career to follow the path of your choice being able to count on those who truly believe in you and want to support your work. By this, your perspective on the future will also grow.


Tokens to embrace your individuality and striving towards personal goals

   Tokens are a currency based on the blockchain, a digital asset that you can create and use the way you want. This is one of the best ways to embrace your identity as a person and be “someone” that likes who he is and wants to share the world freely. Those people who want to be themselves are the people that make projects like mintMe make sense.

Being able to start your own projects without being afraid, reaching a whole new community that believes in what you do is the dream of every artist. And it is something that can be achieved by earning self reliability through token creation and cryptocurrencies. Any artistic project you create, whether you are a musician or a film maker, creating tokens can be just what you need. Be brave, striving towards your own goals, that is, being true to yourself, being capable of independent thought, knowing what you really want and being able to pursue them independently of others, at the same time that you are able to interact with them, connecting through the blockchain technology, enhancing trust, and offering support to them the same way they do it with you. Furthermore customizing cryptocurrencies is easy at, you can start today!


Mary Schwartz