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Can I sell my books online using tokens?

Jun 28, 2020

           Individuality is a powerful interpersonal skill to develop, even more, when you are overwhelmed by the market and so many competitors. Tokenization or token creation could be the factor that will make a difference for you and your business. When it comes to selling your own products, like your books and putting them out there for recognition and even for constructive critics.

Selling ebooks online and book publishing is one of the biggest disrupted industries and one of those that provides a great path to a solid making money online venture for an individual entrepreneur. But thanks to the “facilities” that the internet offers there is a tendency to look down on Book publishing, even though ebooks now sell in the millions each year, representing about 20 percent of the publishing market in the United States. Blockchain is one of those technologies that is looking forwards to offer not only security for copyright and to save data but to allow buying and selling more securely from a more personal perspective.

Developing independence.

          It should all start with awareness: Agencies, editorials, brands, traditional publishers, and magazines may seem like the biggest “dealers and retailers” in the realms of Books and original writing. Whether you write scientific articles, columns, create illuminating PDFs about important matters, write studies, redact letters or write novels, tales and poems you will probably have to submit your intellectual property to some powerful editorial to feel that you can accomplish something, and of course, there is always the chance that you will get the smallest deal. Big enterprises like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing would take 15% of list price, +$1.35 in fees from your work, other like IBooks and Ingram doesn’t fall far from that taking more than 30% of list price, not to mention that you would probably be unable to set up a payment link for PayPal if you don’t fulfill certain requirements, and you can’t get it set up immediately apart from having to pay. But these are not the only options, and as content creators and artists we should get to know other alternatives that can help us develop real independence.

Having independence also means that you recognize and manage dependence, by becoming aware of when you tend to rely on others to accomplish something. We may know that we turn to others for certain things, but sometimes this means we’re missing out on a chance to build up our own confidence and start something on our own. Have you ever wonder about that? That you may actually have been depending on someone else for something you could have done on your own?. Setting goals and achieving them your own way not only gives you a sense of accomplishment and reward but greater belief in your own judgment and in your capabilities as a person and as an artist and creator.

Using tokens to boost your identify as a creator

          It is important that you reach a point in your career where you actually ask yourself who you want to be, and how you want to get there, setting your goals in real terms. Creating a token and initiating your own business to sell your books using tokens its possible thanks to initiatives like Mintme.

A token, as a representation of your books or personal project carries part of your identity as a creator, which we can develop self-reliance when you do not depend on any big publisher charging you with huge money or even changing the content you created to fit certain expectations. Creating your own coin means that you are the one who makes the choices, and not only that, but you can have direct contact with your buyers and they can also help you know what they look forward to so you’ll be able to offer the best to your clients and followers.

Create your coin create your own rules.

          You will be making your own rules for playing, through crypto tokens you can develop your own boundaries. How?: Set up the prices of your preferred setting the market that you want to sell and taking into account your own preferences. Scheduling routine tasks, since you are the master of your own business and you are the creator of your coin then you also the task you assign to yourself to work towards that project you have or book you want to sell, starting small and working your way up gradually. Platforms like MintMe were created with people in mind, and it is made to support everyone from the smallest to the biggest business idea, they are all welcome to build their future creating customized cryptocurrencies.

One of the most important features of selling with your own coin is that you are managing your own time, you’d decide when and how and there are no limits to where you can get, as long as someone has an internet connection and access to the blockchain you can share with them your creations. Of course, we cannot leave behind what we said before about developing independent thoughts, being your own coin issuer also means that you have the options of thinking and choosing for yourself.

Last but not last, tokenization can allow you to expand your business to other places that will increase your chances of profiting yourself, and become an entrepreneur and your own boss creating tokens. I was disappointed to see a very talented personal friend of mine struggled for months to sell her book through a traditional publisher, I told her, why don’t you at least post it on Facebook or sell it using crypto? And she told me that she signed a contract where it stated that she could only sell directly from the publisher page and the payments should be in dollars since it was the currency allowed on their website. She didn’t expose her book more because of such rules! So many months lots there in which she could have shared the new with the worlds and receive the money herself and she didn’t. But this is something you can do with tokens! Then, you still haven’t created your own coin?

Mary Schwartz