Creating new strategies to strengthen your token environment in 2022

Dec 19, 2021

           As a new year is about to begin, it is time to renew our plans. When it comes to creating our own token and boosting our own projects, it is necessary to set realistic goals that will help us make specific decisions regarding the correct management of our campaigns, the use we give to our token, and also how we develop its environment.

Let's measure our success

          Before we start making new plans we can start with reviewing our old lists of resolutions to measure what our success was and what determined it. Also, take time to know what our failures were and what may have caused some of the goals we set to be achieved.

Take into account for example, what was the promotion plan for your tokens and what percentage of reception you received based on the tactics you used. What was the percentage of likes, reactions or visits received and how did it increase your sales.

Knowing what your successful techniques or methods are will help you come up with new strategies based on the ones you already know that produce better results for you. This translates into less time wasted, making the most of the investments you make, and reaching your ideal client-followers more quickly.

Be open to the possibilities

          The tokenization market has undergone significant changes very quickly. Starting a new year also means being aware of the changes so that we can adapt to the market without falling behind and missing the opportunity to update our vision.

Although the plans we have for our token and the project behind the token we have created are fixed, it does not mean that they cannot be subject to improvements or modifications that allow us to take advantage of new possibilities and doors that open with the integration of new technologies, markets, competencies or available functions.

“The important thing is to plan with an eye on the bigger picture”

In the next version of MintMe, 2.0, new functions such as bounty campaigns, and rewards are to be included, as well as it is visualized that the crypto market is growing due to the increase in the knowledge of the masses on the subject of blockchain technology and the trading of NFTs. All these elements together should be taken into consideration when relaunching a campaign for our tokens and when implementing features.

Think about their usefulness for the future

          Throughout 2021, the buzz around cryptocurrencies did not die down. Unlike previous years, the benefits of their use were more apparent in the pandemic. By 2022, new models for marketing Non Fungible Tokens are expected to emerge, for example, using influencer marketing to distribute digital artwork through various social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

As well as to capitalize on creative content from users on various social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Even converting viralized content into tokens later on. This promising outlook can give us innovative perspectives to shape the environment of our tokens, and distinguish which platforms to use, and how to put them to use for various types of personal projects.

Take into account that for the token market the projects and possibilities are practically unlimited: video games, film, real estate, content producers, health, social, environmental, charitable, and more. The important thing is to plan with an eye on the bigger picture.

Explore new features

          MintMe as a token creation platform offers several features. If you have not yet created your token, it is recommended that you get to know these features so that you can set up your token without errors and do not have to repeat the process, lose sales or freeze more tokens than you really wanted.

For example, if you are unsure of the release time/period of your tokens or which blockchain to deploy to, take the time to learn about others' tokens to determine what works best for you. Something as simple as choosing the right name for your token could prove crucial later on as your project moves forward.

Other features such as airdrop campaigns also require planning, although you can always start small and offer a minimum amount in your first campaign. On the other hand, features like voting campaigns are designed to help you make better decisions with the support of your followers or other more knowledgeable token creators.

Discover the function to make posts, send direct messages, and create proposals for other creators. Ideally, in consideration of the possibilities offered, you can better position your token environment.

Mary Schwartz