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Custom cryptocurrencies for small projects

Aug 16, 2020

Small projects are usually considered to be not as important when in comparison with bigger projects from the biggest companies and enterprises. But the truth is that societies are built upon those small projects and businesses that normal people started and maintain through time. The same way we grew old knowing the small store at the corner of our town, or visiting that nice cozy coffee shop whit our friends from uni, or enjoying the vocational plan our community planned for our kids.Custom cryptocurrencies aren’t only for those who can afford the greatest jackpot but everyone.

Starting from zero: Project management

Surely, you have heard about different methodologies or frameworks for project management. Wondering what is the right way to start from scratch, even more so when we don’t have any money to do it.

Given the diversity and complexity of different project management methodologies, anyone can ask themselves: is it really necessary to apply so many processes to manage the projects of my organization, what is the most appropriate method to organize my projects?

On the other hand, not all projects are large; in fact, many companies or individuals like you and me execute small projects. And you can see that there is a general consensus about how to manage large and complex projects, but what about small projects?

In the first place we need to forget that a small project is equal to “easy project” we would end up thinking that it’s not as important to pay enough attention to how we start in terms of organization as well as the necessary resources.

There is no project before we actually start planning. Many people have the ingrained belief that planning is a waste of time. But as the leader of a project, you must always make sure that the scope, resources, schedule, and budget are well defined during the planning stage, which is just another reason why relying on innovative-expanding technology is more important than ever.

No project is small

Traditionally, projects have been seen as major efforts that must be made to produce a unique product or service. The word "big" has always been automatically associated with "project". However, a project does not refer to the size of the project, but is a "temporary effort” and this is an effort that everyone can make.

Therefore, there is no official classification that identifies projects according to their size. We can establish our own criteria according to its duration, budget, the team involved, number of deliverables, or the profitability we assume it will bring to the organization.

Custom cryptocurrencies

Because of all these reasons exposed we bring up one of the most important stages in the creation and management of new projects: resources.

Imagine that you want to create a small project to make a summer school and teach kids in your community to learn English. It might sound easy, but you will always need resources to make this happen.

Through custom cryptocurrencies you can allow your project to grow not only receiving support from those who like your idea but also getting paid securely or offering special features and benefits to the participants.

The projects vary greatly as we mentioned before. However, all projects need some common minimums: to have management support, to be clear about the requirements and scope of the project, and to define, and control very well the time and money invested for its implementation. For all of these things, custom cryptocurrencies can be a solution to ease up the process of planning and obtention of resources and support.

This process which we call tokenization is the process that is meant to allow your project, whatever stage you’re at, to have the autonomy, and to have the strong fundaments it needs to grow stronger.

It doesn’t matter if you sell custom shoes, work from home, create a home delivery service, repair something, or create a project to benefit your community. Custom cryptocurrencies that you create through the MintMe platform are meant to be part of your project management for the better benefit of your plans.

Mary Schwartz