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Digital tokens to crowdfund community projects.

Jul 11, 2020

           Crowdfunding through digital tokens is meaningful because it’s not only useful for one person and a separate project, even though an individual can crowdfund with personal expectations, communities can do the same. Mutual support and egalitarianism are two concepts that develop more every time and new technologies and platforms are working towards a more communitarian mirror.

Living in community

          When we talk about living in a community we are talking about people who can: live under the same administration or have the same ideas and projects for the future. Communities can give people a variety of benefits. For example maintenance, buildings, and condominiums that are built upon a communitarian administration can share maintenance and reduce costs. Being able to live in an environment in which they all get to know each other and talk about opinions can also create a sense of comfort within the community.

Everything is better when you are able to work together with others that want the same things that you do. Also socializing is a very important factor in the quality of living and general happiness. Having more friends and develop better communication boosting your esteem as you help to support your community and get benefits together.

Projects that are done together

          Another advantage of the community is that when you need something you are not alone, but you all work together to find the best for those around. Then, putting projects together can become a norm among you if you are looking forward to mutually support each other.

Now, when trying on projects there is always a big problem: finance. Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone on the same paper to make things happen or even be able to trust that one person can manage the finances for a project and don’t make a mistake with it. How can we start-up and have an organized flow in terms of finance? Furthermore, can we make it grow?

Digital tokens to fund projects for the community

          Communities can have several needs, for example: building new areas for common use, like parks, pools, schools, improving urban infrastructure, foundations, or even helping those how are in more need. Digital tokens can be the tool for a community to work together to raise funds for a project together. Join and bring to the table the project you’d like to work in and start raising the funds you need by creating a token, those who purchase the token will be contributing to the project and such money will be kept securely until you all decide that it’s time to withdraw and use to pay for supplies, labor force or materials. It doesn't matter what the community decides, custom tokens can support any kind of project.

Additional to it, once you possess crypto-money you also take part in a large community that can allow you to exchange and make payments all over the world. For example, those who purchase your digital tokens will pay you with MintMe coins, and mintMe coins can be exchanged to bitcoin or other currencies, or used to pay directly from your wallet to another. Digital tokens are fuel by the blockchain, which means that the money you all put in can be managed for one specific purpose in which you all agree together. Creating a crowdfunding campaign and minting a digital token for the benefit of work can give you the chance to share your ideas and also receive the help of others even out of the community.

Starting a campaign can also help you keep a clear track of your money, check where it goes, and be straightforward about the uses of it for the happiness of all the people participating. Of course, this is one of the biggest advantages of blockchain tech, which is the tech behind projects like MintMe, everyone can participate equally and everyone has access to information about money movements.

Once again digital tokens are a tool of egalitarianism and community, but they are also thought to bring benefits that people can enjoy together to have a better living. Because tokens can allow people to support bigger discoveries thorugh blockchain crowdfunding and grow together as a society, all at the same time.

Mary Schwartz