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Crowdfunding: Cryptocurrencies for Vaccine Research

Mar 19, 2020

Crowdfunding: Cryptocurrencies for Vaccine Research

“The 2020 has started with tremendous challenges, especially one that took more than one country by surprise: A Global Pandemic.”.

Certainly, the new Millennium has brought the keys for a world of scientific discovery to humanity, there has been a global appearance of online information about almost everything, in every corner of the planet. You might be connected live or streaming with someone at any time, sharing your common interests, create important business deals with a company overseas, and have access to the knowledge of the world. In the case of science this supposes a great advantage because it can lead us to a future where essential areas like health research from universities in emerging economies, may be supported directly by people, rather than a government or a pharmaceutical corporation, as usual.

We are all in the same bote

Fanatics have said that this was predicted or conspired by the Johns Hopkins Center for health security and The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in New York city, October 2019. Truth is that they talked about some impressive numbers that we never thought could come any near to the reality of a modern, fully technological society. But, the epidemic of this new Flu, shows that the normal systems of disease prevention, both in the East and in the West, have tremendous and worrying failures, which allow us to see that we need a response that goes beyond the exhausted mechanisms nations have, to show coherent and faster results in situations like the one facing the world today.

“We are all traveling in the same boat and mutual support is all there is left when things seem to be hopeless..”.

There are a lot of free-use tools, such as the genome bank as well as advanced simulators, which use protocols approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) to study the behavior of diseases, even for the production of certain types of low-cost inputs. Except that the requirements are massive, as is the case with sanitary masks and disposable gloves and other equipments for the research. The role of crowdfunding comes into play there, as a method for researchers to finance their studies, and even to promote advanced studies in areas where they have difficulties in accessing the resources necessary to conduct such research. Take for example a study of a bacteria present in the water in countries in the American and Asian tropics, such efforts may well be funded with cryptocurrencies, thanks to communities of enthusiasts.

Research supported by people

Today it is not surprising how thousands of researchers around the world are looking at the incursion towards cryptocurrencies, the real alternative to achieve progress in their investigations, in several countries, for example, diseases such as MERS or SARS are being studied in their early stages obtaining independent and promising results such as very advanced models for the prediction of its propagation.

Any business, project or personal ideas of any kind can become self reliable through tokenization and build a more steady income to start over even when everything seems lost.

Now more than ever we need to act as one, knowing that we are all traveling in the same boat and mutual support is all there is left when things seem to be hopeless. In this sense, the platform appears as an alternative for entrepreneurs in these fields to have a real solution to their needs, with a safe space for enthusiasts to support their efforts, in obtaining real progress through innovation, in fields as sensitive as immunological research, with no restrictions other than those of its development environment. Once again, the blockchain is there to show that its utility goes further than many have thought and that it is time that we join to be part of a change the whole world needs, and make tokens for a better technological future.