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Learn 3 ways to promote your work using tokens

Feb 20, 2021

           Creating tokens is not a matter of whether we are into crypto or not, in fact, the creation of tokens covers functionalities that go beyond the crypto world and are meant to include everyone on the map. Why? Because using tokens can help us promote our work, any kind of work we want to promote in the digital world, in ways that were not possible before.

We will go through 3 reasons why the creation of tokens can be helpful to promote your work or services you provide with your followers, clients, and community:


           To not make it any more complicated, airdrops are basically free coins that are dropped to you for free. It is literally free money (or valuable tokens) that can be handed to you by performing certain activities (usually about marketing) or sometimes nothing at all.

It’s funny because the word airdrop is used to define the tactic in which an airplane drops essential supplies to people that need them. And at the same time, they represent the aid from a friend or ally in times of war.

Airdrops could serve different functions for the purpose of promoting your work or service because you can decide to invite your community to share, like, or comment on social media for you in exchange for drops of your tokens. But you can also give them just to ensure or reassure your followers towards the goal of your project and the campaign that you started.

Giving airdrops can also help you limit your supply and share more, rewarding your early supporters as a way of showing your thanks for their support and allowing them to participate directly with you in the development of your project. It could also become a way to give people the chance to have a try out some service that you offer as a preview to invite them to buy more from you or get a full service after they are convinced that they want your product.

Sharing with exclusivity

           The possibilities of giving your followers (token holders) access to special content that you created inside of mintme’s platform is just a plus for any marketing campaign, why? Because people love exclusivity. The fact that you make them feel included in a community that is special gives you the chance not only to interact with people more directly but actually build up a strong brand.

It’s important to take this step because by knowing the importance it has you should continuously ask yourself: What do you do to make others feel special? Personalizing services is how marketing works effectively nowadays, in a world situation where information is surrounding every corner people need something that they can feel was made for them. Remember that people in business are still people and still looking to feel special, so someone will close a deal with you if they are feeling special with what you are offering them, whether it is a plastic bag or a project, it doesn't matter, the fact of buying your product or your service has to make them feel special and this is a sensation that can be transmitted through the exclusivity of your news or information that you share. Creating tokens gives you the chance to personalize the attention you give to your clients and followers. Make the other person feel special has the gift of the other person. Make someone feel special and you will earn them for more than just one purchase.

“Token creation is the ultimate tool to revalorize people’s work. ”

Supply and demand

           Supply and demand is the most basic rule in a functioning market system, simply because if there is little of something that a lot of people want the prices will always go up, and because if there is a lot of what people don’t regularly demand the prices have to remain low to ensure that people will keep buying.

Tokens that you create at have a limited supply whether you decide to put them all in the market right away or reserve half of it to release them later on, keeping a slow supply can ensure that your prices go up when your tokens grow in demand. The fact that your tokens represent your project or service you provide and that they are charged (backed up) with a value that you settled gives them a characteristic that you cannot acquire by simply selling something or receiving support using fiat money.

Token creation is the ultimate tool to revalorize people’s work. Use airdrops, personalize your service for your clients, and play with the right cards in the market game.

Mary Schwartz