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Using tokens to support Animal shelters and Pet rescue groups.

Jun 8, 2020

Times have grown more complicated, we have failed and learned as human beings over time, and things change, though we don’t notice sometimes. Yet, something that hasn’t change is the fact that pets have been the preferred company of mankind from the very beginning of humanity. Then, can the ancient culture of pet care also join the crypto culture and become one of the subjects supported by the blockchain?

Utility and meaning

Animals have been our faithful company since always but they haven’t only been a charm for the heart but actually the second hand in human endeavors and a strong workforce for the first man. In modern times we decided to take care of animals in a different way than we used to before, due to the implementation of technology we discovered a different utility for animals and we have also created measures and laws to protect them from exploitation and misusage.

Working animals are still a thing today, even though many people have them solely for a company, other animals serve as assistants to many important life subjects. For example, there are service animals or animal helpers that have been trained to perform tasks, assisting disabled people. Dogs are the most common service animals, assisting people in many different ways since at least 1927. But animals are uses as means of therapy too, to treat psychologic disorders, mental diseases, and depression, one of the reasons why open farms are so popular nowadays.

“ are we reattributing the help animals and pets have given us through history?”.

Faithful comrades and companions

When fighting against each other animals have also been our comrades, and without choosing sides Animals were essential for both sides during the war, as well as working hard, they were important for morale. Soldiers were able to show their caring side by looking after animals. Horses, elephants, and camels hauled injured men, carried soldiers on patrol missions, and brought heavy supplies; pigeons carried messages; dogs tracked enemies and protected troops, alerting them about the enemy's movements. Horses, mules, and dogs were regularly employed by American forces to work on the battlefields of World War II. They were workers and warriors; they were soldiers' comrades-in-arms and companions in battle.

Despite the sad results of any war, we can see that the efforts of such caring companions helped to turn battles and the fortunes of many soldiers into a more easy burden. Even now, carrying on this tradition the U.S. forces employ animals in war efforts, mostly dogs. But then this memory makes us, modern men, ask ourselves something: are we reattributing the help animals and pets have given us through history?

Now it’s our turn to help

I have always been fascinated reading amazing stories about brave pets that saved lives in danger, they are an unchangeable rescue force: firefighter dogs, animals of company, service pets, they all are part of our healthy and happier way of living today. For this reasons many people have created organizations to shelter and rescue animals in risk.

We are now showing our humanity by helping in return, becoming the aid for them and creating a bond with nature that we didn’t have before. But there is a problem, despite the fact that there are already many organizations that take care of them, the many people who would like to be part of it can’t find a way to show support or still haven’t learn about it.

Tokens can help too

Tokens are a tool, and they can serve in two different ways:

Monetization: Through blockchain crowdfunding, any animal shelter or pet rescue organization can create a campaign and allow people from any place of the world to help and support their work. Tokens can become the unifying money unit that people can use to show their concern and participate actively with the organization.

Expansion: tokens are also a digital currency that is designed with a purpose. It means that each token becomes the special money unit for something in is charged with the meaning of it. Any person who has tokens from a certain animal help organization also carries the meaning behind it, in a more personal link with them and the work they make.

It is also easier to spread the word in one homogeneous way through the pursuit of something known to us all, than being divided. This is what tokens do, they become the unifying tool for your project to grow. Furthermore, crowdfunding through the blockchain also allows people to be the ones who choose who they want to help, meaning that not only strong international organizations can get help, but also personal initiatives people have to help the animals and pets in their small communities, sharing their advances and letting people know the job they are doing.

Through custom cryptocurrencies and blockchain crowdfunding is easier to fundraise even for smaller causes. It's important that we know this because it is a reality that many people struggle to actually fundraise due to less popularity or because their causes are important for a more specific or smallest community, sometimes their money goals are not that high and they have to submit to a platform that wouldn't let them withdraw a smaller set amount of money. Blockchain crowdfunding can give you the opportunity to join even if you want to direct your campaign towards a smaller community and have smaller money goals you want to achieve while being able to withdraw right away.

Blockchain is looking forward to allowing people to participate equally, this will hopefully reflect in the future because such organizations will be able to grow exponentially through the support and help others bring and also through the strong awareness tokenization can bring too as a result.

Mary Schwartz