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Release notes 1.7

May 26, 2021

Version 1.7 is here full of exciting new features and we cannot wait for you to try them out! Keep spreading the word about your token and sharing your feedback with us, we have a passionate community and we are always happy to hear about your success stories. Remember to check out our past releases as well if you haven’t done so already 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 .


  • Moved the buy feature
  • Airdrops available for guests
  • Added french translation for MintMe
  • Added an option to translate News and KB
  • Added upper limit for gas limit
  • Added option Deployed on ETH
  • Time and date for chat messages
  • Added the column “Holders” on the trading page
  • Added new statistics to the introduction page
  • Preloaded token activity table
  • Hide comments for restricted posts
  • New restricted functions to improve security
  • Switch places statistics and top holders and hide stats
  • Improved the “javascript off” version of the page
  • Improved performance on google insights
  • Moved “delete” and “edit” icons in the posts
  • Changed column name on the trading page
  • Profile names are now in bold text


  • FB address can't be added on Social Media
  • French version of Mintme host email lacks an image
  • Wrong ranking behavior
  • API requests do not work after phone validation
  • Adding YT is not possible
  • Duplicated tokens on the trading page
  • Fixed profile edition issue
  • Redirection to the homepage when visiting /2fa
  • Fixed issue related to clicking on orders not working appropriately
  • Some profiles link to non-existing tokens
  • Wrong redirection in posts when the token name has a space
  • Mintme coin not returning to the wallet when a token is deleted
  • Token cannot be deleted after someone claims its airdrop
  • Redirection to the homepage when visiting /logout
  • Fill Javascript translation automatically
  • Limit parameter is not properly working in /user/orders/active request
  • Dynamic header makes page height shorter and larger (mobile)
  • "Error 404" after logging into your account
  • New tokens can't be created
  • Error 500 and 404 in all crypto markets
  • Trading page has an incorrect behavior on mobile
  • Do not hide user avatar if "private profile" is enabled
  • Total referral earnings returns error 500
  • The name of the parameters appear by mistake in the panel
  • Progress circle for Mintme token is not working appropriately
  • Wrong spacing between top navbar items
  • Share posts with reward are not possible
  • "Error 500" page returns once users have logged in
  • Deposit and withdraw icons on blocked user accounts are misconfigured
  • Panel fails to work with "matchengine" or "withdraw gateway off"