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Release notes 1.8

Aug 2, 2021

We have just released version 1.8. There are lots of upgrades as well as many new features that you will definitely find useful. We are always happy to have feedback from you as we keep actively adding new improvements to our platform. Please, don’t forget to read our latest release notes as well: 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4.


  • Non-deployed tokens can now be deployed to Ethereum and Binance blockchains.
  • Added voting for proposals for each token and itself.
  • Added Binance to supported currencies.
  • Creating sell orders is now only possible if the phone number is verified.
  • Streamlined the minimum order value.
  • You can now create an embedded widget on your site for airdrops.
  • Live feed on the main page now includes information about new posts.
  • Improvements to the Buy crypto feature.
  • New page called home with a posts feed.
  • Streamlined the information in the trading module.
  • The fee for "token withdraw" transactions, is now stored.
  • Inappropriate tokens can now be hidden from the trading page.
  • Improved performance on google insights.
  • Email footer changes and additions.


  • Duplicated feeds on the main page.
  • Holders value doesn't decrease.
  • Fixed error related to tokens appearing in the wrong ranking position by default.
  • Withdraw completed notification/email is not being sent.
  • Show posts from BNB tokens in user's home page.
  • CSP errors in panel.
  • Fixed broken token module.
  • BNB withdrawal does not work.
  • Fixed error related to ETH and BNB tokens not appearing in the wallet after adding them.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation for Total amount in the buy/sell orders section.
  • Withdrawal fee for BNB tokens is wrong in history.
  • 504 gateway timeout error when requesting addresses on API Doc.
  • Problems with Twitter tasks fixed.
  • Fixed trading page pagination.
  • Fixed token avatar issue for private profiles.
  • Mintme deployed tokens do not appear in the “Deployed on MINTME” filter.
  • Fixed issue with the total displayed in buy orders.
  • Fixed error regarding the total amount in buy/sell orders after trading.
  • Live feed is missing from the main page.
  • Profile link in notice modal does not work.
  • Adding a new post with translations is broken.
  • Fixes for the votes table.
  • Font size is too small in windows with medium sizes.
  • Trade history loads more orders.
  • Amount field on the "buy" form and "create sell order" button, are misplaced.
  • Sorting function of the “holder” column does not work as expected.
  • Fixed wrong redirection after logging in.
  • ”Links” page does not properly load.
  • Parameter is shown by mistake in alert modal for rewards.
  • "Tokens I Own" filter does not work.
  • Wrong message for locked accounts.
  • Page shows formatting errors after changing the password in the settings module.
  • Text improvements and fixes in the token’s settings.
  • Red "Token name is already taken" alert is misconfigured.