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Token creation for life emergencies

Feb 15, 2020

Create a token to become an international exchange student

We should demystify the crowdfunding world now and for always. Talking about crowdfunding isn't a light matter but a very important subject we all should know about.

We all have been in emergencies, some people more than others. Some have found help in the right moment or fast solutions but some others haven't found any help and have been left alone when they needed the most attention. This is why talking about crowdfunding isn't a light matter but a very important subject we all should know about.

A few years ago a dear member of my family was diagnosed with cancer cells growing in his face, I can only express with little words what a very saddening situation it was for my entire family. He had been fighting with an illness in his nostrils for about two years and couldn't find any aid, nor could he paid for his own health since the operation was very expensive, with the family responsibilities of two small kids and a no health insurance, he decided that it wasn't an emergency until the illness worsened with time and the need for help was a must.

Crowdfunding in times of need

Blockchain crowdfunding, different from any other crowdfunding method opens new doors for people from every country, culture, and social background to find help in times of emergencies. Which means that is now a real alternative for anyone.

Usually people wait until the last moment to start a campaign, maybe because they don’t comply with the requirements of a specific crowdfunding platform or because the withdrawal is conditioned to a high amount of money. But all of this has changed thanks to blockchain technology and the use of tokens. Now you can create a campaign starting from zero, create a coin in a few steps and start selling it as a means of support right away.

This is the aim of the mintMe platform, to provide the easiest and personal approach, to support mutual support and give you access to a secure crowdfunding campaign in which you are the protagonist and the creator.

Get help in any currency

One of the many advantages of blockchain crowdfunding is that once you have withdrawn your funds to could be able to exchange it to any currency available and use the one that means the greatest benefit for you. For example, after withdrawing MintMe Coins you could exchange them to bitcoins easily, and sell bitcoins for dollars or any other currency. In the future, we expect to implement USD in our exchange as well. 

This is especially helpful for countries going through a political and economic crisis since it means a flow of income that does not succumb under the wave of inflation of such country. Then once again, maybe asking for help in your country’s currency would be silly knowing that you cant save money to make it grow but on the contrary, you are compelled to spend all of it in order to avoid great loss.

Also many medical services prefer to be paid with different currencies for the same reason, which means this would also be an advantage for you and will open many more opportunities for you, and give you alternatives that you probably didn't even imagine before.

Why to wait?

We should demystify the crowdfunding world now and for always. The truth is that anyone can ask for help, it does not matter the situation they are in, even if they think is an emergency yet or not, none should wait to be in a helpless situation to count on others finally. Blockchain crowdfunding is there to provide people with an accessible alternative and a worldwide community that is willing to give support to those who need it. knowing that just a small amount could mean a lot for someone in need.

Then my words are directed to those who have been or are currently going through a difficult situation, you don’t need to wait to create a token and start a crowdfunding campaign, be honest with the people around you, share why you genuinely need help and share the love you feel for your family and friends with others. Honesty is can move hearts and the blockchain can help you bring them all together to one place creating a chain of mutual support and understanding.

Mary Schwartz