Token creation in the sports world.

Dec 2, 2020

           I am a fan of the Boston Bruins and even though I’ve never been to a live hockey game all of my follow-throughs happened through the screen of my laptop. It’s important to say that even though I've seen everything online, I haven't missed a thing which means that online for sports in every sense could have even a major quality than the one we used to experience in live events. The sports world nowadays makes a living through the internet in a massive way and we ought to discover how can token creation influence it.

Athletes also crave support

           People always ask things like: Why do soccer players earn more money than an office professional? The question implicitly carried the accusation that the work of footballers is overvalued and that the pay for a hard-working professional is unfair. It’s interesting that someone can ask this because it reveals a lot about people’s beliefs regarding money and work.

But we need to clear that stating that "soccer players earn more than office professionals" is an incorrect generalization. There are footballers who are not famous, who play on teams that are not famous either, and who do not earn like the big stars of the sport. The same happens in other careers where the most famous people earn more: there are actors and actresses who reach fame and earn millions, but there are also many who never become stars. And on the other hand, there are many office professionals who are not “underpaid”.

“The truth is that athletes also need support, they deserve the support people give them (financial support) because they provide value to society with what they do”

The truth is that athletes also need support, they really do deserve the support people give them (financial support) because they provide value to society with what they do. What you give, is what you get. If you are an employee, your salary is the value your employer has decided your work is worth. It's a simple exchange of value. You give your time and knowledge, he gives his money. The same way it works for a footballer, an actor, or a model. You provide value, someone gives you money in return.

For athletes who are getting started and even more for those who are completely unknown yet, we should create equal opportunities in which they can develop themselves and receive the support they deserve for the value they provide. This is why once again we can understand the purpose behind the tokenization of projects or crowdfunding through digital tokens.

Athletes are also celebrities

           Token creation has value because of the value of our projects or initiatives, someone who is into the sports world has all that it takes to give a token immense value. Like nobody would be able to deny that Usain Bolt, speed specialist athlete, world and Olympic champion in 100 and 200 m flat, and the fastest man on the planet is a symbol of value as well.

Because athletes are celebrities, model images that can use such image to produce movies, advertisements, highlight brands, or send a message to the world, becoming role models as well since children want to be like their favorite star. On the other hand, athletes provide entertainment: especially valued, ironically, among professionals who work from 8 to 5 and are poorly paid.

Token creation in the sports world

           Knowing this reality we can go back to the first thought: The sports world nowadays makes a living through the internet in a massive way and the same way we reach this quality entertainment through the internet we should also be able to explore and support sports through the creation of tokens and digital coins. Do you imagine being able to support your favorite athlete through his own coin created at Mintme? furthermore, can you imagine being able to earn more by trading such priceless tokens?

Sports are yet another of the many branches that can be positively influenced by the creation of tokens. Better than asking, what can be done? would it be better to think, what “can’t" be done?

Mary Schwartz