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Token creation: Money transparency

Dec 30, 2020

           Although not everything is perfect and there is a lot to do and to work on as well, we all can agree that being transparent, sharing the truth with the people and showing them the reality is an important and critical step to the development of any company and project. Without transparency we simply cannot get where we want to go in a responsible way, and improving transparency is the only way to really engage the public in the journey we start. Through transparency, any company can let society know how it is acting, opening the way to possible criticism or value judgments. The way of transparency is communication, so it is necessary to strengthen the communication systems in both internal and external ways, and what else does it mean token creation other than communication in its purest way? As a method to bring people together we can view it now as an important ally in the pursuit for transparency in money transactions and more as a measure to let people connect with one another.

People need reassurance

           “We live in a glass world where everything can be seen. Actions and not words: it is only worth doing what you say you do.” So Pablo Herreros said in his book "Be transparent and you'll get more customers", to emphasize the importance of being honest in order to succeed in today's business world. It is not that transparency serves to attract, retain and build customer loyalty, which it also does, but that today it is the only way to make money in a sustainable way. On the contrary, opacity, deception and lack of ethical and moral principles can sink a business and translate into a complete failure, without palliatives.

People now more than ever ask for things to be held clear and visible. But what is transparency and how is it cultivated in the personal and professional sphere? Beyond referring to "an object through which one can see, which is evident or which allows itself to be guessed at" according to its general definition, the quality of transparency inherent in being, today, in times of crisis and transformation, is a virtue.

But to cultivate transparency we cannot simply put it into words, which is why this need for reassurance has transformed into the creation and implementation of new technologies such as blockchain in many different environments, but most of all in the kind of environments where money transactions are an issue. Because people are tired of being told of things that they cannot check by themselves, furthermore, systems in which someone else is the complete author while they are left only as spectators.

Token creation and its advantages

           Token creation for any project or startup can serve the purpose of bringing consistency: As a way to express your interests and areas of strength to your followers and clients, and show openness to those things that you can change to foster appropriate relationships between you and other creators like yourself, as well as inviting more direct connections within your community. Consistency is a vital tool for cultivating transparency.

As said before, we cannot talk about token creation or custom cryptocurrencies without talking about their function as a tool for communication: Transparency translates into words: whether spoken or written, it is necessary to maintain clarity in each of your requests and dialogues, as well as to be able to express in synchrony what you feel, with the right people at the right time. Being able to transmit your ideas and allow people to participate in it by interacting with you through the tokens you have created is part of a big deal, sharing through the social media, activating an airdrop campaign to enhance a message or express gratitude.

Being able to offer people transparency is not only something that people would appreciate but that can help your business grow stronger based on a principle that cannot easily be broken. Because for example, who wouldn’t want to have a secure and clear register of transactions if something happened? If a situation arises that involves crisis management, you will want to count on the possibilities of acting with honesty while providing the best experience for your clients. Express your views and listen to the views of others, while negotiation processes take place in spaces of openness and interchange of concepts: many times, the lack of information is the fundamental piece to solve any situation.

Token creation against fragile reputation and false appearances

           Companies always have to deal with the threat of a fragile reputation in the digital age, both those operating in the online and offline world, since customers who buy at the click of a button and comment on their experiences on social networks are the same ones who go out to dinner at restaurants and, when they feel like it, physically visit a store.

Hence, implementing token creation can also be conceived as a manual aimed at those who want to learn to treat their clients with respect, closeness and humility, and wish to grow their business from personal and professional ethics and from a work philosophy with values, and aspire to understand and share the rules of the Internet and the transparency of this medium that is changing the way we behave.

But in addition to gaining clients, transparency serves many other purposes. In the specific case of people, earning more money does not make you happier, but being happy does make you earn more money. There are many companies that have a formal transparency, not a real one but real transparency is applied from top to bottom, down to the smallest details. From the CEO to the employee, ethical principles must be engraved in the core and transmitted to the clients and community, this is what it means to earn transparency through the use of digital coins and token creation.

Mary Schwartz