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Token minting to build successful crowdfunding campaigns I

Feb 12, 2021

           We should start this post by giving a statement: Crowdfunding works. There are many famous cases of very successful campaigns that raised even more than they expected originally. One of those cases is that of Oculus VR, a firm that was launched in 2012 through a crowdfunding campaign. Bit success: they asked for US$ 250,000 and raised US$ 2.4 million. Thanks to that momentum the project prospered so much that it was bought by Facebook for US$ 2 billion in 2014.

If you are here today it may be because you are interested in crowdfunding, particularly through the use of blockchain technology, but you probably have doubts to consider crowdfunding as an option today to take your ideas forward. That’s why I wanted to go ahead and detail a few things about why creating tokens to crowdfund could be the ideal situation that you have been expecting.

Token creation can help you lead a more organized campaign

          In order to make your campaign, you will need certain common elements in all of them. Although the structure of a crowdfunding campaign can vary, they always have several points in common: Presentation and description of the project. Photos or videos of the prototype/product/service. Description of prizes or gifts if you want to give any to your supporters. Promotion in social networks. And all the magic you want to add to make your campaign more attractive. Yet, among all those things there comes the unifying tool that blockchain crowdfunding offers through MintMe: the creation of tokens.

Having an organized campaign depends on how the information is managed and if it’s well structured from the very base. Tokens have this effect on a campaign because they become an active part of your campaign as they directly represent what your project or you are and they become the base for everything you do. MintMe as a platform for the generation of tokens also allows us to have a close interaction with our supporters which means that it’s not just like any other crowdfunding campaign but also a social platform.

MintMe as a social platform

          When you want to raise money to finance a product or service, it is essential to be able to convey very well why people would be interested in seeing it materialize. This does not mean that in your crowdfunding campaign you have to dedicate yourself only to describe the functionalities, but you have to be able to convey to people the reasons why their lives are going to be more exciting, better, or easier thanks to your project.

Many entrepreneurs seeking funding through crowdfunding believe they have come up with a great and revolutionary product or service, but they haven't found a single person who uses it. By any means, using MintMe as a social platform can allow you to know your supporters and prospect clients beforehand which can also give you the opportunity to improve based on the people’s opinions, reviews, and comments about your products, services, or ideas.

You can set the limits

          Whenever people are going to start a crowdfunding campaign they are stuck in a tricky question: What is the right amount of money to ask for my crowdfunding campaign? Yes, it is tricky because you don’t know if you may be asking too much and look like a scam or overindulged project or ask too little and fall short of what you really needed.

Many crowdfunding platforms fail to offer a solution to this simple question, and people are discouraged because they simply do not know how to ask for the money or how much. It is that if you ask for a very small amount for an incredible project, it is going to seem like a joke. And if, on the contrary, you ask for a very large amount of money, it's going to look like nonsense. Also, they are concerned about withdrawal caps, bureaucratic measures, or fiat money limitations. The huge difference is that with tokens you can set the limits yourself.

Getting only half of your tokens into the market at the beginning that ensures that your prices go up when your project starts to get successful, so if you set a road map to deliver the rest of your tokens in a second term your earning will be higher and your community will strengthen. Creating an airdrop campaign to promote or allowing your followers to support you from any place of the world without limitations as long as they have access to an internet connection and the use of blockchain technology

A perfect crowdfunding campaign has to ask for an amount necessary to complete the project and be able to move to the next level and this is something that you can do by minting tokens: Get organized, set the limits, and interact with your community within a secure ecosystem.

Mary Schwartz