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Tokenizing the culture

Mar 12, 2020

Culture is defined as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively, the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups. It is the accumulation of experiences that people develop as a community, and is by any means, an essential part of what defines the society. When it comes to blockchain and crypto, also, the way in which is perceived is tightly linked to the culture and socio-economic environment of every country and even groups of people, just like libertarians, religious groups, or politic tendencies.

Is cultural change, is adoption.

Since the introduction of blockchain and bitcoin in 2009, a long process of adoption started. A process that does not only mean that transactions would be done more quickly or without any third-party intervention, but the fact that trust would be needed and time could only tell when mass adoption would become a reality.

If we go back in the story we will find out that from the most amazing invention that we now consider normal, all of them took its time to be masticated and understood by the people who were used to certain ways of living after such understanding then there it comes to a process of extension or widespread growth in which such invention would slowly become available to everyone in the same rhythm in which they buy and start feeling comfortable with the product, after this you can finally say it has been successfully adopted.

The question is, does that mean the culture changed? Knowing that culture is precisely the variety of life matters in which a whole society can relate together, then we can say yes. To be able to say that crypto has gained mass adoption we have to be able to say that the culture has effectively been changed from its core and a new factor that conditions life and economy has been added to the code that rules the society.

But we aren’t that far away

The concept of cryptocurrency has come a long way from its early days when it was perceived as a mysterious and complex technological innovation. This misconception is now redundant, as businesses, their customers, and investors have accepted cryptocurrency as part of modern life. There has also been a clear rise in the number of retailers and companies accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

The value of both, fiat money and cryptocurrency, is derived from the interaction of supply and demand. The difference is that fiat money is backed by a central government and allows central banks to conduct monetary policy, while cryptocurrencies are digital assets that operate independently of a central bank. This means that it is indeed a whole new process of understanding, that should start by defining boundaries and what liberty or freedom means for people. Some would consider the intervention a central bank as a security measure, others wouldn’t be convinced of it and getting into a consent of which one of them is right is not a simple matter, the only thing we can do is continue to participate actively into this changes that haven’t stopped despite the intents of some governments and centralized institutions.

Tokenizing the culture

Tokenizing is easier nowadays than it has ever been before. And it is the cherry top for those who understand the need for a change. In order to overcome all of the hurdles, we need to understand and adopt one major advantage behind blockchain technology: the way in which how we trust each other for business transactions and more. This is what it means to join the blockchain and crypto waves.

Due to the consumer’s increasing adoption of a digital lifestyle, every business must change how it operates and interacts with customers every day. We need to find more reliable ways to make things work, increasing trust among people and encouraging mutual support. There is no choice left for the businesses but to adopt the technology to stay in the business, and be able to provide people with the tools they need to be better and develop better business and personal relations.

Rather than trying to change the world, every business should start with smaller applications on blockchain and try and implement the same into their day-to-day business processes. Which is one of the reasons why a platform like Mintme was created, to make it easy for everyone to tokenize their projects and personal ideas, to facilitate the adoption process. Thanks to tokenization you are including yourself in a wave of cultural change that can signify a lot in the short future, this will eventually lead you to understand how the technology behaves and how it can fit into their business, it will allow you to be always on top, leading others into the better future.

Mary Schwartz