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23:09:45 07 Sep, 2023

White Paper 3.0: Global Coupon Savings though Blockchain technology. Technologies development for use case at physical checkout lines. Our goal is to bring Cryptocurrency to the casual consumer by rewarding their good spending behaviors with $COUPON. Donate today to support our project: Thank you White Paper Link:

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30 Sep 2020
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13:02:14 24 Feb, 2024

Shout out to @HeretoHelp for the donation a couple weeks back. All donations will be poured back into the project whether it be by project development or through buy backs. Thank you for believing on our project and being a part of the future of $COUPON savings!

23:09:45 07 Sep, 2023

02:03:49 24 Mar, 2022

Cryptocoupon is the future of discounts in all industries, taking coupons to the blockchain. Companies who hop on board with our network would then distribute Cryptocoupon to consumers with every purchase. Tho, customers may opt out to receive Coupon at any time during the check out process. Our affiliate vendors would then select items to place in their catalogs for customers while accurately acknowledging the exact amount of value they have given away to customers off discounts annually.

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