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The Shane Beddingfield currency ! Get to 300 by Jan 2021 ! This coin will be marketed heavily! I want to get it on PayPal so it will be streamlined easier ! My first coin I am LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I bought some Bitcoin lately on Pay Pal. I can make this work Shane Beddinfield. First 100000 will get in at .000001 USD. Get in while the getting is good ! I am pushing it on multiple platforms ! I like funding binaural beat websites too ! I got music on Sound Cloud and Soundtrap.Who is going to be the ones who get this over the top ? Once on the blockchain i will give it even a bigger push marketing wise. Even bigger than now ! On LinkedIn I mention Mint Me with the heavy hitters like Etoro, Pay Pal, and Cash App. This coin will be a winner. The multi-purpose coin for all uses !