How to manage discord roles

In order to properly utilize our Discord Rewards feature, our bot needs to have a higher hierarchy in your server than the roles you want to assign to token holders. 

To manage your discord roles:​​​​​

1. Log into your Discord account.

2. Right-click on your server and select “Server Settings” then click on the option “Roles”.

3. In case you have not created any roles, you will see the MintMe Bot by itself after linking it through your MintMe profile. Click on “Create Role”.


- if you don't see the MintMe Bot, please go to How does the Discord Rewards feature work?

4. Name your role and customize it, then go back to the “Roles” section and make sure the MintMe Bot is on top of the role/roles you created. 

5. Go back to your MintMe account and proceed by loading your roles.


- if you are a supporter, and you have the required amount of tokens, but you are not receiving your exclusive role, please go to Why did I not receive my Discord role even though I have enough tokens?