Ideas to promote and sell your token

Now that you have your own token, it’s time to start this new adventure of spreading the word about it and encouraging your followers to buy it. MintMe was created to provide a platform where you can get the support you need to make your projects grow and at the same time allow you to share your success with patrons.

It can be difficult to convert your followers into supporters when most platforms only ask them to donate money to your projects. Of course, they always receive something in return, but the basic idea is that they are purchasing a service or a product, much like when they pay for cable or a new internet provider. Our aim is entirely different since we want them to help you and also take on the role of partners because they can invest and the success of your idea will result in income for them as well. This is one of the pros of choosing MintMe to handle your project support. However you need to be able to explain this and other important features to them, hence we want to give you a hand by sharing some ideas. Kindly do well to adapt those that fit your needs and start using them and you’ll be getting awesome results soon.

1. Three key factors influence why people purchase your tokens, and many of your fans may be drawn to two or perhaps all three of them. To concentrate your efforts in these areas, you must be aware of this.

  • They like what you do, so they want to support you and your endeavors. Therefore, constantly keep them informed of your intentions and the purpose of the funds.
  • They want to receive the benefits or promotions you provide to those who support you, so it's critical to publicize these benefits and to constantly come up with new ideas for any extras you can provide.
  • They want to profit because your token is doing well and they want a piece of it (keep in mind that these can be people who don't know you or your project but are interested after looking at the financial side of it).

2. When sharing special benefits for those who buy your token, be aware that people usually prefer these kinds of perks: 

  1. Exclusive content: It can be any kind of content according to the nature of your project, as long as it is not available to regular followers. Some examples are: Checklists, summaries, reports and statistics, bonus content, sneak peeks, and so on.
  2. Early access: Not only people like to be first, but they also hate waiting so they value this kind of access. It can be the possibility of watching a video, listening to a song, reading a book, buying your products, or anything you can offer before it’s officially released or offered for sale.
  3. Fan recognition: It could be including them in your project credits, mentioning them during a live broadcast, sharing special badges or anything that will make them feel special and/or could make them popular.

3. Let your supporters know how important they are. Not only do you need the money they give you to focus on what you love most, but as your project advances, you'll likely need to expand your team, increase your marketing budget, and create more or better content. As a result, don't forget to thank them and let them know whenever you reach a milestone.

4. Some marketing tactics are more successful than others when it comes to selling your token. One of the best strategies is always to speak with your followers personally. Create a permanent schedule with specific dates for live events and calls to action so they can start purchasing your token as soon as possible. Additionally, some people will need you to explain it to them six or more times before they decide to take action because they are used to receiving your content for free. Try to establish an emotional connection by explaining how this will benefit both you and them.

5. Although social media is a fantastic place to start, you should also utilize your website, email lists, newsletters, live events, and, if you can afford it, paid advertising to advertise your token and how people may purchase it. You won't always be able to respond to your followers' inquiries, so utilize MintMe links to direct them to resources where they may obtain as much information as possible to allay their fears.

The success of your project is also the success of MintMe, therefore in upcoming versions, we'll be adding additional features that will make it easier for your fans to purchase your tokens and help you spread the news about them. Don't forget to follow our news about it!