Talking to your followers about MintMe? We got some ideas!

When asking for support, many people get to the point of asking themselves: Is this too much? Do I look like I’m begging here? Are people getting tired of my support requests? However important support may be for the expansion of your initiative, you don't want to alienate your supporters by placing them constantly under duress. Probably the best way to talk about your token and MintMe is reminding your audience that your initiative is a win-win situation. By doing this, you will be able to continue sharing your creations with others without worrying about where the next dollar will come from, and they will continue to enjoy what you do while also having the opportunity to have access to certain unique benefits and make some money in the process.

Where to start? You can take advantage of the fact that they already want to hear from you; that’s the reason they’re liking your posts on Instagram, following your Youtube channel and sharing their comments on your Facebook page. So, start by using the resources you already have available; website, social media accounts and mailing lists. How often do you mention your token and the advantages of buying it? Naturally, you don't want them to get tired of reading about it every day, but you also need to be sure to inform your new followers of this fantastic opportunity.

When sharing about support for your work by buying your tokens, it’s always a plus to emphasize the fact that you’re not only asking for something, you’re offering something in return as well. Inviting someone to join you in this adventure is not only asking to help you keep doing what you love but you're also giving them the opportunity to step into the world of cryptocurrencies and wise investments. Not only would they be changing your future, they would be impacting theirs too!

We would like to provide you some suggestions on how to attract new investors and persuade current ones to purchase additional tokens from you.

Thank those who have bought your tokens

People like to be recognized, so it’s always a good idea to share some posts from time to time mentioning those who have been with you from the beginning. It doesn’t only help them know you care, but encourages them to invest some more. At the same time, it sends a good signal to potential investors. You can use messages like:

"Thanks for liking the work I do; it's the result of a team effort, and today I want to thank these people who have been supporting me by purchasing my tokens. They're a crucial component of this team. If you want to know more about it, please go to and join us in this amazing voyage."

Mention the benefits of making a higher investment

Sharing some exclusive content with those who have bought most of your tokens is always a good idea, but you must also promote it by offering a sneak peek of this content to new investors. It won’t only attract new investors but will also make those who have already invested think about moving to the next level. A sample of this would be:

Those who have bought xxx of my tokens or more, will now have the opportunity to buy some of my new works with a 50% discount, plus I’ll be sending them in a special edition box. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

Let them know about your work process

Those who like your work will probably also like to know how you do it. You can share short videos showing parts of the process, pictures of your workshop/studio, or even some drafts of unfinished works. Once you decide what you’ll be sharing, just let them know about it. You can use the sample text below:

Thanks for being a follower. These works take some time and there are many aspects involved. Those who have been supporting my job by buying my tokens have access to my private youtube channel, where I show part of this process, people involved, special interviews, visits to the places where I get my inspiration and more! You can join this special group too by heading to and start investing!

Just ask for support

Sometimes you can just talk to your followers like close friends and let them know about your ideas to make your projects grow. Mention in general terms all the resources you will require to realize your vision and describe how simple it is for them to assist you in achieving your objectives. Don’t think this will get some negative feedback, they already like what you do and think your work is worth supporting but they’re not always clear about how to show their appreciation. Some simple messages can make a difference:

I have been sharing my art for 1 year now and I hope you’ll agree it’s been a great journey. If you value the work I do, please support me by buying my tokens at It takes no time and you can start for as little as $1

How much do you think my work is worth? With just a small investment you can help me continue living my dream and sharing what I love with all of you guys! Please go to and be an important part of my projects

These and more ideas will help you share about your need for support. The most important thing you must remember is to let them know they’re not wasting their money. Besides being able to keep enjoying your work and having exclusive benefits by supporting you, they’re also investing and this investment could even change their lives.