The Golden Rule: Treat your followers as you want to be supported…

When you decided to make a living doing what you love, what you think you're good at, you must have been motivated by the fact that people around you liked what you did. From there, you probably progressed to having a large following on social media, likes, shares, and comments on your content. Many large projects have begun in this manner which ofcos is a fantastic way to begin. However, those are only the first steps toward earning revenue. The real challenge lies in converting these followers into paying customers.

At MintMe, we're committed to assisting you in facing this challenge and making the transition as smooth as possible. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we'll give your supporters the opportunity to earn while supporting your project, which is a benefit you can use every time you explain why you're taking this step and its importance for your plans. However, this is only a part of what you must do to keep your followers' community growing and to increase your token sales. We'll give you some pointers that will help you along the way.

Understand your followers

It's difficult to try to attract customers if you don't know who they are, so start by learning about them. Surveys show that customers are more committed to brands and projects that demonstrate that they care about them. You must find ways to communicate in order to gain an understanding of your target audiences' demographics, age, gender, interests, and problems.

This will help you in three ways:

  • You'll be able to get rid of negative people and those you're not targeting, so as to create relevant content that will result in quality leads.
  • You'll also be able to customize content for potential buyers and share it using their preferred channels.
  • You'll gain an understanding of their pain points, allowing you to fix them as effectively as possible.

Use all of the available opportunities to connect

When you have a small audience, it's easy to respond to your followers' questions and comments on social media platforms, but as your audience grows, the situation changes dramatically. Is this an issue? Yes, but it's a good problem because each engaged fan can be thought of as a potential customer. It's critical to look after each of them by being as kind, genuine, and authentic as possible.

At some point, it will be impossible for you to do it alone, and without the resources to hire people to do it, you'll have to ask your friends, relatives, or anyone else who is willing to help. Talk to them, and explain how important it is to make sure no supporter goes unnoticed. You must also make them feel welcome to interact, even if they do not share positive feedback. This may persuade them to reconsider you and your situation.

Don’t just use words, tell stories that will help you to relate to your audience

People enjoy hearing stories, and you should take advantage of any opportunities to share them on social media. They can be a great way to generate more leads. You'll also be connecting on an emotional level by adding a human element that will help you earn brand recognition. Profit from the fact that they are the kind of material that might provide you a competitive edge over other companies selling a similar product.

Your audience will learn and be entertained as you share these engaging anecdotes. Always keep in mind that these tales should convey the character of your brand for the audience to identify with. Make sure they benefit your fans as well. They will be inspired to spread the word to others, which will increase your chances of gaining new followers.

Never be above your followers

You'll find it simpler to feel more significant, on a higher plane, or something similar as your audience expands. Don't allow that influence how you act when speaking to them. It's always a good idea to approach sharing your work with the idea that you're trying to connect with people and somehow improve their lives. Try to always convey that you don't value yourself more than others by giving someone just a few minutes of your time.

You can receive what you might deem to be "stupid" remarks or inquiries, especially if your project contains any sort of technical specifics. Always strive to be kind in these situations and choose the most practical solutions. Another aspect of this situation is that, barring extreme circumstances, if you are able to converse with haters by providing intelligent responses and demonstrating your sense of humor, not only will you be able to change their viewpoint, but you will also leave a positive impression on other follower. This approach  increases the likelihood that they will convert to supporters.

Relationships are crucial to your work as well. A truly fantastic project could be jeopardized if your supporters don't think you value them. However, if they sense your concern, it becomes much simpler to win their support; even if you don't ask for it, they'll let you know they're there because you did the same for them.

Try following these tips; they might hold the secret to obtaining the quality leads you desire. Once you get them, maintaining them will increase the amount of conversions.