The Golden Rule: Treat your followers as you want to be supported…

           When you decided to give the step to make a living doing what you love, what you think you’re good at, you must have been motivated by the fact that people around you liked what you do, from there you probably escalated to having a lot of followers on social platforms, likes, shares and comments on your content. That’s great and many big projects have started that way, however, those are just the baby steps on your way to earning revenue, the real challenge lies in converting these followers into paying customers. 

At MintMe we’re committed to helping you face this challenge and make the transition as smooth as possible, unlike other crowdfunding platforms we’ll give them the opportunity to earn while they support your project, that’s a plus you can use every time you explain why you’re taking this step and its importance for your plans but this is only a part of what you must do to keep your followers' community growing and of course to increase your tokens’ sales. We’ll give you some tips that can take you far along the road ahead.

Understand your followers

          It’s very difficult to try to attract customers if you don't know who they are, so you have to start by finding out about them, surveys show customers are more committed to brands and projects that show they care about them. You need to find ways to communicate so that you can get an idea of your targeted audiences, you will need to know their demographic details, age, gender, interests and problems. 

This will help you in three main ways, you’ll be able to get rid of negative people, those you’re not targeting, and create relevant content that will result in quality leads, also to customize content for potential buyers and share it using their preferred channels, and finally but not less important, you’ll get an idea of their pain points which will allow you to fix them in the best possible manner.

Use all of the available opportunities to connect

          It’s very easy to respond to your followers’ questions and comments on social media platforms when they’re just a small audience, but when numbers grow you face a completely different situation. Is it a problem? Absolutely, but it is a good problem since you can consider each engaged fan like a potential customer. It’s important to take care of each of them being as kind, genuine and authentic as possible. 

At some point this will be impossible for you to do it by yourself and not having the resources to hire people to take care of this, you’ll have to ask your friends, relatives, or anybody available to help, talk to them and explain how important it is to make sure no supporter goes unnoticed and not only that but also to make them feel welcome to interact even when they’re not sharing positive comments, this could probably make them change their mind about you and your project.

Don’t just use words, tell stories that will help you to relate to your audience

          People love stories, use the opportunities you have to share them on social platforms. Not only they can be a great way to drive more leads, but you’ll also be connecting at an emotional level, adding a human element that will help you earn recognition for your brand and taking advantage of the fact that they are the type of content that could give you an edge over others offering a similar product.

While sharing these appealing anecdotes you’ll be educating and entertaining your followers, just remember they should always reflect your brand’s personality so that the audience will feel connected and make sure it will add value to their lives. This will encourage them to share with the people around them and you will have a higher possibility to get new followers.

Never be above your followers

          As your audience grows it will be easier for you to feel you’re more important like you’re at a superior level or something like that. Don’t let that affect the way you behave when communicating with them. Thinking you’re sharing your work to reach out to people and make their lives somehow better is always a good approach. Taking just a few minutes of your time can make someone’s day, so always try to show you don’t consider yourself more important than them.

Especially when your project involves some kind of technical details, you might be getting what you could consider “dumb” comments or questions. In these cases try to always be kind and find the most convenient responses. Another side of this situation is when you face haters, except for extreme cases, if you manage to talk to them with smart responses and showing you have a sense of humor, not only you could change their point of view, it will also create a good impression in other followers, which will increase the possibility that they will become supporters.

Relationships are very important for the work you do, even a really good project is at risk if your followers don’t feel you consider them important. But when they notice you care, it is a lot easier to turn them into supporters, even when you’re not asking for support they’ll let you know they’re there just because you’ve done the same for them. Try these recommendations, they could be the key to unlock the quality leads you need and once you get them, taking care of them will maximize the number of conversions.