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02 Jun 2021
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Latest News
20:10:05 07 Oct, 2021

People who are serious about their investments, you should definatly take a look at the new bEUBI Exchange that has just been set up. Not only is the token in a pretty high pool, it has smart contracts, it has liquidity and reward programs. Now bEUBI even launched their own exchange website, where you can earn by referring your friends to purchase bEUBI and have a passive income. Check out their new website, register and know the cheapest way of trading bEUBI. If you're in need of just bEUBI and you can't just invest MintMe, send some BNB to 0xdbaae2cf6157f6ff2c31d932c336529b92282720 and you will get instant bEUBI at the lowest fees!

20:10:09 01 Oct, 2021

EUBI holds a giveaway for all bEUBI's Pancakeswap liquidity pool providers. Liquidity providers as a percentage of their holdings in the bEUBI liquidity pool will receive part of $100 worth BNB (Smart Chain). For example who will hold 10% from bEUBI liquidity pool, will get $10 worth BNB (Smart Chain). Above this giveaway, all liquidity providers will receive every month $0.4 worth BNB (Smart Chain) for every their LP token. Next payout will be on 1.november 2021. Add liquidity to List of bEUBI liquidity providers (Pancake token holders) Informations about bEUBI liquidity pool

18:09:54 12 Sep, 2021

Hey guys! Today i want to share some information about my partner's token bEUBI! Did you know that investing in bEUBI on the MintMe platform is giving you the possibility to earn back BNB/MINTME each month? Since today, it is even possible to add some liquidity and earn on the small traders by using the pancakeswap platform. Or, if you are a small trader, you can even swap bEUBI to 2000+ other different tokens to your liking trough metamask. You can check out the pancakeswap pool here: ! If you have some questions, you can ask them in the 💱︱eubi channel on our discord or contact one of us directly!