Quickstart Guide to MintMe

           COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the measures and restrictions to minimize the effects of the pandemic change from one country to another but, no matter what kind of project you’re working on or you want to start, your plans have probably been affected. Many people who were trying to make the transition from a regular job to an independent venture are now stuck not knowing what to do.

At MintMe we’re willing to help you now that you decided to handle the funding for your project through our platform. Depending on which stage you’re at, some aspects could require some time to plan and make the best decisions but we understand you may need to move on as soon as possible, so we’ll share some ideas about the main steps to follow to start this new stage.

Register, create a token and deploy it

           Start by registering an account, create a token and then deploy it. You’ll find the instructions to perform these actions in our Knowledge Base. Please don’t forget to notice these aspects while you’re working on this process:

  • When choosing your token name, remember it should be closely linked to your project and your brand identity, you’ll only be able to change it before deploying it to the blockchain and only if you still own all of your tokens.

  • You will be able to trade using your token right after you create it but we recommend that you  deploy it to the blockchain because it will enable you or others to withdraw it to a wallet and will add transparency and credibility.

  • If you have doubts and you can’t find the answers in our Knowledge Base please talk to our Support Team either at MintMe or at our social media accounts: Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram and Facebook

Make up your mind about benefits related to your token

           The most common and basic use of your token would be like a regular currency, just to pay for the products or services you offer. If you decide to use it this way, maybe you should offer some kind of discount or promotion, otherwise your supporters may just stick to more conventional payment methods. If you decide to offer additional benefits to those buying your token you might be interested in reading our article Time for token sales, how can I make a difference? to have a better idea about this.

In any case, you can offer some basic options just to start and then adjust them after some time considering your followers’ feedback and the sales volume, if you consider it’s convenient.

Preparation will turn into a good initial reaction

           It’s important to make sure to prepare some posts, articles, emails, and even videos to share with your audience the reasons you’re taking this step, why you chose MintMe, how it will help your project grow and which benefits they will receive. Keep in mind usually only a small percentage of your followers will be willing to support you when it comes to reaching into their pockets, and some of them will only make up their minds after reading or hearing from you several times, so it’s important to share in as many social media platforms as possible plus scheduling some dates to post about it again. There’s no need to bug them too often but they do need to be reminded every now and then.

When posting it’s important to be ready to answer questions, and especially at the beginning they might be tough. Always keep a good attitude, emphasize how positive it will be for them (More and better products, special benefits, exclusiveness, possibility to make some money) and how little you’re requesting in return. Don’t be surprised by negative reactions, every project will have them, just answer as politely as you can and never ignore them. Try to have some room for negotiating in case it’s necessary, but only on this first stage while you’re still adjusting everything, and never sell yourself too cheap, those who like what you do and appreciate the effort you make to offer a high-quality product will always pay what they consider is fair, and you’d be surprised of how generous they could be.

Promotion, promotion, promotion

           P.T. Barnum was right when saying “Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” Once you’ve prepared your promotional materials, it’s time to share them wisely. Knowing your followers you’ll have an idea of the amount of time you’ll need to have them ready before you start selling your token. Create some expectation, don’t let them know everything from the beginning, especially when it comes to benefits, having some pros up your sleeve until the launching day is usually a good idea, some creators will go as far as having some additional benefits in reserve so that they can use them in case sales don’t go as expected. Do what you think is more convenient but plan and then stick to your plan, don’t improvise just because of a bad day or you may regret it later.

Promotion after launch day is just as important, think about new followers and old ones who are still making up their minds about the possibility to support you, as we mentioned before, some people will just need more time to think about it or being reminded a couple of times, don’t lose the opportunity to give them that little push! On the other hand, if you go too far and share about it too often or it becomes the only theme you talk about, you might lose some potential supporters who will run away from you.

Following these simple tips will get you ready to start funding your project on MintMe in no time, keep in mind it wasn’t an easy decision or process for you and be patient because it works the same way for your followers, you already did the most important part, you’re sharing a valuable work or service and your patrons love it. After that, everything else will just start fitting into the process with hard work, perseverance, and an open mind.